My Vegan Lasange

What with the weather taking a turn for the worse recently I thought it would be a good idea to get it out and clean of the dust that has gathered on it. My first meal had to be lasagne. It’s been so long since I made one in the slow cooker. Much to the distress of my OH.

When making it before my OH turned vegan all I had to worry about was the mince being vegetarian, now I had to try and find a white sauce that didn’t include milk. I didn’t realise there were so many brands and ALL of them had milk included in the ingredients. It was only when I was in Asda and I thought I would see if they had a sauce in their free from range. And low and behold there was some. I couldn’t believe it!

So with everything gathered, I made a start. Some people have told me that you should fry off the extra water from frozen mince before putting it into the slow cooker as it can leave it very watery and for the likes of chilli I usually would but for lasagne as it’s being mixed with the red sauce I usually just mix it up and throw it in. Layering it, the sheets and then the white sauce. And again until all the mixture is used up.

I usually only get about two layers out of it when I’m using my larger slow cooker. If I was to use my smaller one I could possibly get three or four. With everything in I set the cooker to high and leave it for about three hours. This is why I love using my slow cooker. You don’t have to watch over it and you can get all your preparation items cleaned up while it’s cooking.

After the three hours I would usually sprinkle the top with some grated cheddar for the final hour but with my OH being vegan now I thought I would give Sainsburys Free From Grated Cheddar Alternative a go. You can click the link to take you to the Sainsbury’s website to find out more about it and other Free From ‘cheese’ in the range. Anyway, when the three hours were up on went the ‘cheddar’ for the remaining hour.

The end result of the lasagne was quite tasty. I know it doesn’t look the most appetising of meals but it’s definitely a dish that I will be making again. It was a little more tomatoey than a normal lasagne would be and it was “unquestionably a nicer texture” according to my OH. I wasn’t so keen on the cheese though. I ended up having to peel it off and leave it to one side. My OH, however, said he loved it. Even though Tom dropped him into it and told me he said that it was stinking up the house. I think the next time I do it I will be doing what I did with my pasta and sauce and only covering half of the dish with the cheese.

Overall I would give the meal 4 out of 5. Only losing a point because of the cheese. On a side note, I’m glad I used the larger Slow cooker for it as it means that there will extra for a day later on the week.


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