Asda Free From- Grated Mozzarella

I know I’m not particularly good at doing these types of blog posts, reviewing items that I have recently just tried for the first time or even things that I love, but I figure if I keep doing them then I have to get better at it. Especially with all you lovely people giving me pointers about how to go about it and ways that will make it better. So… here’s my latest review.

Being the partner of a vegan is harder than you’d think. As a vegan, my OH can’t have anything associated with animals, this means meats, eggs or anything dairy. No dairy means no milk and no cheese. Meat and eggs I can do as I don’t really eat a lot of them anyway, dairy on the other hand. It’s only recently that I have realised just how many things that include milk; things that you wouldn’t expect to contain it. One thing that my OH is always asking about and has asked me to be on the lookout for is a cheese substitute. He does like a bit of cheese, and he has really surprised me with how well he has been coping with not having any since he became vegan.

Well, I was in Asda tonight and I as I looked over their free-from range I noticed that they had a new item on sale, a grated mozzarella substitute. I had planned to make a pasta bake for dinner so this was perfect for the topping.

Asda Free From Mozzarella

On opening the packet the smell of it was quite strong. I smelt just like a creamy cheese. Giving my OH the packet to taste test he said it was the closest thing to cheese he had tried so far. I wasn’t convinced though. It was just too creamy for my liking. The real test though would be how it worked on top of the pasta, how it melted and if the flavour would enhance it or not. When putting it over the pasta decided to only cover half of it, just in case it didn’t turn out the way that I was hoping. I knew that even if it wouldn’t be my taste, my OH would eat it either way.


mozz nutrition

While waiting for it to finish in the oven I had a look over the nutritional values on the packet. I was quite surprised to find that they all very high, especially when compared to that of normal mozzarella cheese made from dairy from the likes of Tescos. Delving a little further into it I found that the values are exactly the same as the mozzarella alternatives sold by Tescos and Sainsburys. Although the salt content on the Sainburys cheese is higher which is slightly worrying.

Not being used to writing review of food items, I find it hard to remember to actually take images of the finished products. This could also be because I had hardly eaten all day and I was absolutely starving with hunger. So, with no images to post up of the final product I’ll just skip to the final thought of the cheese. As I stated above it was just too creamy for my liking and I’m glad I only covered half of the pasta with it. My OH, on the other hand, said he really enjoyed it and wouldn’t mind eating it again. I guess it must have been true as after heading to bed that night I woke up the next morning to find that he had also eaten the portion I had left for Tom to try when he came back from his granny’s.

Overall, I think that even though my OH did enjoy the ‘cheese’ and would probably like me to get it again I will be on the lookout for a more pleasing alternative. I have spotted another brand in my local Tescos that I think I will give a go to see if it is more appetising.

Anyway friends, thanks for reading, make sure and like, share, comment and if you have any suggestions please don’t hesitate to gimme a shout! J xxx

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