Portrush – 04/8/2018

As part of my summer bucket list, one of the first things on it was to take Tom down to the local seaside town of Portrush so that he could use some of the ‘money machines’ as he used to call them. Ever since he has started watching a guy ‘Mat3756’ on YouTube, he seems to have got this fascination with claw machines and he begged me and my OH to take him to the local cinema complex where they have an amusement arcade section with loads of them.


As I had to head out to the supermarket for a few things we thought that we would spend about half an hour beforehand in the arcade area of the Jet Centre, using some of the money that Tom got for his birthday. At 50p a go, it wasn’t long before the money was gone. After a few go at the teddies though he realised it would be harder than he realised to get something that he thought. He then moved onto a machine where you got sweets out of it no matter how long it takes you.

If he had his own way I think Tom would have loved to stay there all night. So we made the decision that we would take him to Portrush, and let him have a go on the machines there.  We thought it wise that we would only take some of his birthday money though as I’m sure he would spend the whole lot if given the chance. When we were first talking about how much money he should bring, he had said that £15 would be enough for him, I thought better of it though and took an extra £5 plus any of the loose coins that he had laying in his jar. This turned out to be a good idea as every time he tried and didn’t get anything he would ask for another coin.

Originally we had planned for Tom, me and my OH to go but my OH decided that he had too much to do around the house, so we invited Tom’s granny (my mum) along for the trip. She was more than happy to come along as she had mentioned she had a few bags of 2p coins that she wanted to get rid of in the machines.

There’s not really much to say about the arcades that we visited. They were all just your basic arcades, with slot machines, 2p machines, machines you won tickets from which you could exchange for prizes and machines you won money on. The arcades that we visited were Wacky Workshop, Gold Rush, Sportland Amusement Arcade, Phil’s Amusements and then the main one Barry’s. This was where we spent most of our time and Tom spent most of his money as it was the biggest arcade and had the most machines. Before this point, Tom was starting to get a little disheartened as he hadn’t won anything and he had spent nearly all his money.

It was here that Tom actually won something, a Five Nights At Freddy’s teddy. We must have spent a good £10 trying to get him out of the machine but Tom was determined that he wasn’t going to go home empty-handed. When we did finally get him out that was him content and we were able to head back to the car without any fuss. Usually, when we decide to do something like Portrush, it’s an argument to get Tom to the car so that we could go home. But this time it was as easy as anything.

I’m a little annoyed with myself that I didn’t take any images of the day, as it was such a good one. The reason why I didn’t was that Tom ‘NEEDED’ my phone so that he could test out his new Pokemon Go Plus that he got for his birthday and his battery had died on his.

Anyway friends, thanks for reading, make sure and like, share, comment and if you have any suggestions please don’t hesitate to gimme a shout! xxx

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