Happy Birthday Tom

As you can tell from the title it recently was Tom’s birthday. This year we decided to do something different than we have done the last couple of years. In previous years we usually have a party in one of the local indoor play centres, inviting all of his friends from school. But as he is getting a little older now and because money has been a little tight of late we thought we would just have a quiet day at home. Just him, his dad and me. He was hoping that Amy would be able to join us but unfortunately, she had other plans with her mum. She would see him later on in the week when she comes down for the weekend.


The day didn’t quite start the way I had hoped it would. The plan was to have everything all sitting ready for when he got up out of bed but my OH and I were so tired last night, and we thought he would lay in the way he has been over the last few weeks, that we decided we would get everything ready in the morning before I went and got his cake from the bakers. However, instead of the ‘usual’ time between 9 and 10 that he has been waking up at, he decided that he would grace us with his presence at 7:30am. So needless to say I was not a happy bunny.

Once everyone was up and presents were given out (or found in a bag sitting on the kitchen table) things started looking up as I was able to sneak out of the house to go and get his cake and get back in without him even realising I had left. The look on his face when he opened the kitchen door and I was standing with a pokemon themed cake was priceless. I have to thank my work colleague and owner of Heart’s desire bakery for making it and coming up with the design as I had no clue what to do for it. All I knew was that it had to be pokemon haha.


Even though we had decided to spend the day at home and not have a massive party, we thought it was a little cruel for Tom to not have at least one of his friends over. So we decided that he could have at least that. It wasn’t too hard for him to decide as he only really had two good friends that come to the house. Mateusz was away back to Poland for the summer, so Marcel was invited over.

They spent the few hours that he was over, playing Fortnite on the PlayStation with my OH and then making a mess of the place with one of his new games Pieface Skyhigh. They had just planned to play a game of Loopy Lenses when Marcel got a call from his mum that she was at the end of the street. I think his words when leaving where ‘Doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun’.

So obviously as it was Tom’s birthday, I had to step up to the mark and play it with him. Not being a fan of board games I didn’t really want to play it but I thought as it was Tom’s birthday that I would humour him and play the game for about half an hour. Little did I know that the game lasted nearly 2 hours, and to be honest it was quite fun. I couldn’t stop laughing seeing Tom trying to reach for the timer when he had the glasses on.

Having spent two hours on the board game, we didn’t really have any time to play another one, as we were supposed to watch a movie to end the night. Time wasn’t too happy about it but because I had to work at 6 the next morning I couldn’t really stay up any later. 1 since Tom was the one deciding what film to watch and that can take absolutely AGES!!

Finally deciding to watch Daddy Day Care, we gathered our munchies and curled up on the couch together. My OH wasn’t feeling the best so he had decided to head on to bed while we watched the movie. In my opinion, it was one of the best days we have had in a long time.

I had originally thought that with the cut back in funds for his birthday that we would be struggling for things to get him but with the wonder that is wish and HotUkDeals, we managed to get him enough presents that he was sufficiently happy and we didn’t have to worry. We are however planning on taking him to the cinema next week when the funds have gathered up again and we have no bills to pay out.

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