Greggs Mexican Bean Wrap

Although it’s my OH that’s vegan and not myself, I’m still always on the lookout for places that we could go for lunch, as eating the same things from the same places all the time can get a little bland. So I was very excited to hear back in June that Gregg’s where starting to add new vegan items to their menu. Although at the moment that only consists of one. The Mexican Bean Wrap. The reason why I am only getting to review it now is that our local Greggs have only just started ‘supplying’ them.

I know there has been a petition submitted online by Peta for them to start offering a vegan sausage roll but I’m not sure how far forward this has gone or even if it has been taken note of by Greggs. Anywho…

This was my lunch today. The wrap which consists of mixed beans in a tomato and jalapeno sauce with sliced mixed peppers, guacamole, fresh salad leaves and Chipotle chill sauce in a soft tortilla wrap.

Getting the wrap was a little bit of a gamble as I’m not a big fan of guacamole and I find jalapenos a little too hot but this I have to say was very tasty indeed. The mixture of everything together was something that I have never tasted before. I had originally planned to save half of it and take it home for my OH to try but I ended up eating the whole thing it was so nice. It’s definitely something that I will be trying again.

I only hope that Greggs continue adding these kind of items to their menu and they don’t take as long to come into our local store as this did.

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