Louise’s Vegan Bakery


As I mentioned earlier in the week about a post that I saw on Facebook. A post from a wee lassie in Scotland who ran a small bakery. Louise was her name and as you can tell the name of her company is Louise’s Vegan Bakery. The post in question that I’m talking about was one informing her followers and customers that she was branching out and starting a delivery service. Being curious and not actually reading the whole post I decided to send her a message to see if she was including N.Ireland in her destinations.

My OH informed me that if I had read the post properly then I would have read that Louise was only shipping to the mainland only for the time being… Doh! When I messaged Louise though, she said that she would be happy to send me a trial package to see if the package would survive the journey and not end up in crumbs.

After getting word from Louise yesterday that she had sent out the test package, I heard a knock on the door this morning. My package has arrived! And in perfect condition!


The box looks a little damaged because I was so excited to see what I had been sent that I completely forgot to take an image of it… doh! (again)

Inside the box, there was 4 individually neatly wrapped goods with loads of bubble wrap making sure that none of them crumbled on the journey… even if they wanted to.

As the items were mainly for my OH I had to wait until he got out of bed before trying any of the good but when he did it was the first we did

First on the taste test was the fudge. Not being a big fan of fudge I was a little wary about it but the taste was like an explosion in my mouth. It was not like any fudge I had ever tasted. With a hint of coconut and the way that it crumbled into my mouth was something I never experienced, especially with fudge.

Next on the schedule was the double cookie with the ‘creamy’ centre. This was by far my favourite. The cookies where so soft and the ‘cream’ so sweet. This could have been the reason why it was my favourite as I do have quite a sweet tooth. 😀

Following that, was the cookie. Not as nice as the ‘cream’ cookie, it was still very very tasty. Crumbling the way a cookie would when eaten and still being as moist as it would be when first baked, I found it be as nice as the cookies you would get out of Subway for example.

Finally was the cake in a jar. Taking off the lid, the first thing you could smell from it was the ginger aroma coming from the lotus biscuit sitting on the top. My OH was the first to give this the taste test and then Tom, who actually asked me to take it off him as he was scared he would eat it all and make himself sick. The cake itself was very sweet and I feel that if eaten a lot at once, it could make the consumer feel a little sick. Although, as it would be a proper cake, and this was only a tester, then the amount eaten would only be as much as you cut yourself.

Overall I am very pleased with my freebie from the lovely Louise. I was only asking a simple question about delivery and she could have simply answered my question and forgot all about it. She didn’t have to send out anything. Even if it was just a tester sample to see if it would survive the journey. This is definitely a business I will be backing, and I will definitely be ordering some of those cream cookies (for my OH of course) if she ever decides to branch out and start delivering to N.Ireland.

*****I have since learnt that she because the package survived the journey with little to no damage that she is now offering delivery to N.Ireland.*****

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