Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies

Carrying on from my previous post about scrolling Pinterest and coming across a pin called “Most wonderful vegan chocolate chip cookies”, not having or being able to find any applesauce, making my own, I thought today would be a good day to bake the cookies that I had promised to make my OH three days ago. (Although it could be because he’s been badgering me to do it since I mentioned making them. I’m not quite sure.)

It also means by doing them I can tick something off my bucket list for the summer, which is a good thing.

The recipe for the cookies can be found on Along with a multitude of other recipes dedicated to other dietary needs such as low carb and paleo. It’s a site that I am now following to see what other things I can try out for me and my family.

Anyway… back to the cookies.

The ingredients that I needed are not quite the ingredients I used. I had no vanilla extract so I just omitted it, I used dark brown sugar instead of light only halving the amount needed, and having failed to find vegan chocolate chips anywhere I settled on Tescos free from chocolate buttons which I would chop up myself.

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When mixing the ingredients together I found that as I got to near the end it was becoming stiffer and stiffer. So I found I had to add a little more coconut milk to it to loosen it up. Overall though it was a pretty simple method of just adding the ingredients together bit by bit.


Overall I’m quite proud of them. They were very tasty indeed and as you might expect they didn’t last very long, to say the least.

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