Louise’s Vegan Bakery



I would just like to put on a small post about the absolutely lovely lady Louise, who runs this company based in Fife in Scotland. After seeing a post on Facebook about her starting to do deliveries, I thought I would ask about delivery to N.Ireland because there isn’t really anyone around this area that would be comfortable making vegan cakes. She said she was only doing the mainland at the moment but as I was the first to enquire about it she would send me a small tester package to see if it would arrive safely and not in crumbs.

I really wasn’t expecting anything. I was only making an enquiry but it put a spring in my step for someone to be so kind. There are not many companies out there that would put themselves out like that especially if they were not getting anything in return. This is why I thought I would give her a little shout out on here. So she’s not doing it for nothing.

Please go and check out her website and facebook page and when the package arrives I will make sure to put up a post and let you all know what they are like, whether they be intact or crumbs. But whatever way they arrive I’m sure they will be absolutely gorgeous.

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