Summer Bucket List

So reading over a few of the blogs that I currently follow online, I came across a post that I thought quite interesting. It was from the blog Northumberland Mam. (I really hope she doesn’t mind me using her idea.) In the post, she talks about doing a summer bucket list with her two girls. This is something that I’ve always wanted to do to try and get the most of the summer. Although, because this week hasn’t exactly gone to plan I’m not too sure how well it will hold up. Here’s hoping that it will and we will get as much of it done on it as possible.

I really hope she doesn’t mind me stealing her idea for it but these are the plans I have come up with –

  • Day Trip to Belfast with a possible stayover.
    • Tom has never had the chance to do this and the last time me and my OH done this was for a concert at the beginning of last year. So money permitting and if I’m able to get two days off work in a row.


  • Do some baking
    • cookies, buns, cakes. Whatever Tom wants to, which is a scary thought considering the things he usually wants to make.
  • Eat out at a restaurant
    • Since our local Wetherspoons restaurant closed nearly two years ago we haven’t had a chance to eat out. And there are so many good places around the North Coast that we could go to that we haven’t tried. It will be slightly harder now to choose where to go to because of my OH becoming vegan but we’ll give it a shot.
  • Hit the arcades in Portrush
    • Count out the 1p and 2p’s that we’ve managed to collect throughout the year and head for either Barry’s or the arcades in Portrush. Might be able to actually win something instead of blowing it all.
  • Have a movie day
    • Closed curtains, popcorn, crisps, fizzy drinks, the works.
  • Visit a new forest
    • Visit a forest that we have never been to. Ballykelly forest is looking pretty good for this one.
  • Visit a new beach
    • Or one that we haven’t been to in a quite, as while as we always seem to go to the same ones, Castlerock, Downhill, etc
  • Go to the cinema
    • There are so many good movies out this summer that we as a family want to go and see, Incredibles 2 being the main one. This will probably be incorporated into Tom’s birthday celebrations at the end of July.
  • Make some slime
    • Tom has been at me for ages to try again making slime because the last time didn’t quite turn out the way it was supposed to.
  • Teach Tom to cycle a bike
    • Even though he is adamant that he doesn’t want to. He’s also adamant that he never wants to own a bike. Even though his Dad is a keen cyclist. It would be nice to get them both out of the house on their bikes together.
  • Go swimming
    • Get back to the pool and try and show Tom how to swim as he’ll be going with his class in Year 5 in September. This is again something he’s adamant he doesn’t want to do. He will, however, find that unlike the bike he’ll have no choice in the matter when it comes to this as he’ll be doing it with the school either way.

I have a feeling that this list of things I have thought out will be more a test of my patience than anything this summer but we’ll see. I could be surprised…

What all have you got planned for the summer? Something exciting I hope!

3 thoughts on “Summer Bucket List

  1. A great bucket list! Good luck in either getting it all done, having a wonderful summer, or both. I came across your blog and I look forward to following. I will admit I will be living vicariously through you as I am one of those frustrating American Tourists who is obsessed with Ireland. I have been twice and I miss it. Besides getting to hear names and see pictures of a place I loved to travel to a long time ago, I find your blog refreshing and candid. Thanks for creating the blog and sharing!

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