Homemade Apple Sauce

So, doing my daily routine of waking up in the morning at stupid o’clock in the morning, even though I’m off this week on holiday, and checking my e-mails, scrolling up through Facebook and then Instagram, and if I can’t be bothered reading my book I’ll open Pinterest and see whats new in there.

Now, most of my Pinterest likes are to do with tattoos, cats and hairstyles or colours, but every so often there pops up a pin that I think “WOW! I’m going to have to try that!”. Today that happened. I was scrolling up through my feed and I saw a pin about vegan cookies. Something that my OH has been crying out for because he can’t seem to get them anywhere without paying through the nose for them. I looked at the ingredients and thought to myself it couldn’t be too hard. And we already had most of the ingredients I would need in the house.

The one ingredient that we didn’t have though, was applesauce. I knew I needed to go to the supermarket for a top-up on my groceries so I thought I would just get some there. When I went to look for the sauce though I found there was a hell of a lot more ingredients in it than I thought absolutely necessary. I know that most of them are preservatives to make sure the sauces keep for as long as possible. I thought I was “beat before I even started” with it.  That’s when I thought about making my own. How hard could it be?

So, when I got home I did what any person would do… I googled it and found THE easiest one I could. All thanks to the BBC GoodFood website. All it required was apples, sugar and butter. And it just so happened that for a change I had the ingredients to do it there and then. Well kind of… I didn’t have Bramley apples so I used Tom’s Asda’s Cute and Juicy Apples, I didn’t have castor sugar so I used granulated, and because my OH is vegan normal butter is out the window so Pure Sunflower Spread was used.


So gathering my ingredients I set to work. The hob was set to low and all the ingredients were added to the saucepan. All I had to do now, according to the method, was wait 15 minutes while occasionally stirring the pan. This turned out to be a little longer than 15 minutes. I don’t know if it was me or my cooker but it actually took me 45 minutes from when I put the ingredients into the pan to when I lifted them off and put them into the container I would be keeping it in.

Although the time was a slight issue, I still feel this was the easiest method for making the sauce as I didn’t need to get the food processor out to finish it off. And if I’m honest, I think it tastes just like the stuff you would buy in a jar from the shop. I’m just hoping that there is enough for the recipe for my cookies when I come to do them in the next few days.

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