Ballykelly Bank – 16/07/2018

Well as of today I am off on a weeks holiday from work. We were supposed to be heading down the caravan for a few days but as money is VERY tight at the minute and the having problems with the car, we’ve decided that we would be better to have a stay-cation. It means that both the OH and I can get stuck into things around the house that need seeing to. We’ve decided that while I’m off we would go somewhere that we have ever been to before every day. This way it would sort of feel that my time off wasn’t wasted and that we actually did something. Today’s location? Ballykelly bank. Not the most exciting place but it was good to get out of the house.

Originally we had planned to do the bank and the forest but someone (namely Tom) decided that half-way up the bank that he was tired and kept doing the moaning thing that he does when he doesn’t want to do anything or he’s annoyed with something, or he says he’s feeling sick. Pretty much the same thing he did when we were at Roe Valley a couple of weeks ago. ( It’s something that we’re trying to get him out of the habit of doing and that although he does have a say in what we are doing etc we have the final say. )

Located on the edge of outskirts of Ballykelly, the bank is a 2mile long stretch of path that runs along the edge of Lough Foyle. You can read all about the path and the surrounding landscapes on the WalkNi website here. Having read all about the area, what the walk was like, etc, we thought that this would be the best place to start our week of walking. 


As the day was very overcast and windy we thought that we would be required to wrap up warm. We found however that when we started walking, and the sun decided to show his smiling face, that we heated up very quickly. This is why in some of the images our coats have been tied around our waists.

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Only having done a small stretch of the path due to the reasons mentioned earlier I don’t really have a lot to say about the walk and all the things that it can offer. We didn’t get the see as much of the wildlife as we would have liked and the plane wreckage that is located in the area was further down the path than we had walked. I feel that if we had planned the walk a little better, brought along some food and a bottle of water or two and had our camera batteries charged then it would have been more enjoyable for all parties involved. Tom would have had the drink that he craved, my OH would have been able to take all the images he wanted, and I would have been able to relax.


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