A Little Taste Of The Outside World

Well as you all know we recently lost our cat Kitten to a road accident. Because of this, we decided that the next cat we would get would be an indoor only cat. We then had the opportunity to take in 2 small ginger kittens as a friend of mine was looking for a home for them. These two kittens were Gin and Ger. See post- New Arrivals. 

Because I have never had an indoor cat before I’ve started to become a little guilty about not letting them out, even though they have to stay in for about 8 weeks. This was even worse with the good weather that we’ve been having recently. This is why I managed to persuade my partner to craft a screen door that we could pull across the back door of our house so that they could at least get some fresh air. That, and it would mean that we can air out the house a little as it has got a little stuffy lately and there’s only so much air an open window will let in and out.

(I would like to say to you to ignore the mess of the hallway as we are in the middle of decorating what feels like EVERY room in the house.)

Once they realized that they were able to climb up the screen to the top there was no stopping them. As you can see from the video below. They absolutely loved it, laying in the sun when it finally came round enough, and they didn’t move from the door all day.

When we get things sorted we are planning on making a large enclosure coming from the back door so that they can actually get out of the house and not just be confined to the doorway.

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