Roe Valley Country Park – 02/07/2018 Pt1

The first Official day of the summer holidays arrived and I thought for once we are not wasting our time together or the weather we were getting like we have done in the past so when I finished work, my OH and I packed up a picnic. Got the kids ready and off we went in the car.

Roe Valley Country Park is one of my favourite places to go, even when it’s busy, as soon as you get out of the car it is so peaceful and it’s like you’re in a different country. Even though you’re only about half an hour up the road, situated on the outskirts of Limavady.

On this particular trip, Tom decided that he didn’t actually want to go, so as soon as he got into the car he started his usual whimpering and ‘I don’t feel well’s. This is a usual occurrence when he doesn’t want to do anything, we’ve sort of gotten used to it. This time though we decided that we weren’t going to give in and we were still going ahead with the walk.

I was going to step by step where we went and such but I think I will let the photographs speak for themselves, and hopefully, they will do it justice. Apart from Tom, the only downside about the trip was that we only got the go about one-third of the way around as we had to get home to take the cats to the vets.

These pics are actually the 2nd half of the pictures I took. The 1st half is on Tom’s phone, who surprisingly can’t find it. Hope you like!


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