Kitten and Ozzy

When I first starting this blog I thought it would be a way to let off some steam and to vent about things, and to pretty much tell people what was on my mind. Well, recently I’ve been thinking a lot about Kitten. Kitten is a cat that we had until a few months ago when she got run over. Sorry, when I ran her over.

That has to be THE worse moment of my 31 years on this planet and I don’t think I will get truly over it. The noise of it and the image I saw as I looked in the rearview mirror will be forever ingrained into my head. She got scared by a dog being walked and ran out in front of the car as I was coming up into the street, so I know it wasn’t totally my fault but it still feels like it. And as I said I don’t think I will ever get over it.

Let me tell you a little about her. After losing our previous cat to a vehicle, we were given her by the lady who had found him. She was so tiny, I immediately fell in love with her. I’ve been trying to find a good image of her but this is the best I can do.


We couldn’t think of a name for her so we just called her kitten. And it just kind of stuck. She was the cutest wee thing.

When Christine (the lady we got her off) came to drop her off, we made the comment that we would maybe like to get another one as we thought it would be good company for Kitten when we were out at work. So she wouldn’t get lonely. That was when she mentioned she had a male cat she had been trying to home if we would be interested. Once we heard about how she came about having him we couldn’t not take him. She told us that he had been found under the bonnet of a car in around the engine covered in oil. And that it took her quite a while to get him all cleaned up.

Introducing Ozzy…

Together they made the perfect addition to our wee family, even if it was in a bittersweet situation.


It didn’t take them long to settle in and find their bearings around the house, but it would be a few months before we would be letting them outside. Before letting them out we wanted to have them neutered to stop any unwanted kittens of our own. It would be Ozzy’s turn first as he was old enough when we got him so as soon as we had him registered with the vet he was booked in. Kitten would have to wait for at least another two months until she was old enough to undergo the procedure. But once they were done and everything healed up nicely they were allowed out.

We did consider keeping them indoor cats but we came to the conclusion that neither I nor my OH wanted the duty of cleaning out the litter tray for the foreseeable future, so out they went. We were scared at first, especially with Ozzy as we were told he had a habit of crawling up into car engines and going for sails around the country, but we soon learned that any time he disappeared he would soon come back when he was hungry.

Kitten wasn’t one for travelling at all. She barely even left the back garden, particularly as there is a rather large black tomcat that lives in the house behind us that is quite a bully. She learned the hard way not to mess with him when she confronted him and he threw her up against our back door; she was limping for a few days after that.

Over the next year and a half, nothing really particularly noteworthy happened, we did have an incident with them catching fleas and being relegated outside until we had the house cleared. This decision would be one that I would regret as Ozzy began disappearing more and more. We came to the conclusion that he was being fed by someone else as well as by ourselves. It wasn’t until he didn’t come back for about two weeks that we realised he wouldn’t be back. I just hope that he is living with someone else and nothing bad had happened to him and we don’t know about it.


What makes it worse, even more, was at the start of those two weeks that we actually started letting Kitten back into the house as we had to fleas under control. This was another reason why it was so hard when Ozzy didn’t return.

We had talked about contacting Christine to see if she had another but thought that we would concentrate on just having the one for a while, and that was Kitten.


So from then until about 3 months ago, she was our only pet. When it all happened I thought my heart was going to explode. According to my OH when I came running into the house he thought I had run over a person I was that hysterical. And because I just blurted out what happened, Thomas immediately started crying, which meant I had to try and comfort him while trying to ‘hold it together’.

The next few days were the toughest days I have ever experienced. I know there are people out there that will say ‘but it’s only a cat’. But she was more like a child to me. And to this day I still think of her. Of all the cats that I’ve had throughout my life, I think I would say that she was my favourite. R.I.P Kitten.

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