No Bull Burger

Not something that I’m used to doing but I thought I would try and write a small review on the Iceland exclusive ‘No Bull Burger’. With my OH having turned vegan a few months ago we have been on the lookout for there ever since watching a video review of them through YouTube. According to the couple reviewing them, they were supposed to taste, and smell like real mince burgers. They even had a ‘blood like’ juice to them. So when our local store finally got them in we were first in line.

no bull packaging

Coming in at £2 for 2 burgers, I thought the price was pretty reasonable, as I have found vegan options a little more expensive than normal vegetarian options. Weighing in at 113g each, they were a decent size resembling a normal quarter pound burger. From the way that the ingredients are packed together, they do resemble mince but when holding them you can tell that it’s not. It just doesn’t quite feel the way that mince feels.


On the packaging, it gives you two options of how to cook them. You can either pan fry them for 7 – 9 minutes on a medium heat, or you can oven cook them in a pre-heated oven for 18-20 mins at 180°C. My OH decided on the latter although rather than waiting for the oven to preheat he cooked them for 30 minutes turning them halfway through to make sure they were cooked through.


When turning them my OH noticed the blood like oil on top of them which he wasn’t really a fan off, as it reminded him too much of real blood. We do realise that this is only for effect though to try and convince meat eaters that they are just like the proper thing. It is something maybe could have been done without.

The texture was very much like that of real mince but, having eaten it in a wholemeal bap along with a potato waffle and tomato sauce, I found the taste to be something lacking. For my first one, I probably should have just had it by itself but I wasn’t the one making dinner that night and I had to take what I was given. The next time (and there will be a next time) I will be having it by itself and not with the waffle as that seemed to be the main taste coming through. Overall I feel, although it does look the part, there’s nothing special about the ‘No Bull Burger’. I think it will take me another few tries to see if I actually like it or not.

No Bull Burger

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