I used to really enjoy reading a book. I could have got through a truly good one in a matter of days. Over the past couple of years, however, it seems that I can’t even think about picking up a book without it drawing all the energy I have out of me. It’s the one thing I know that will send me off into the land of nod no problem if I’m having trouble trying to get to sleep.

I’ll give you an example. Because I have to get up at five nearly every morning for work, I’m usually shattered come dinner time, so I go for an hours nap and then I’m totallysnoopy reading fine. Well, the other day I went for my nap, although this time I mu8st have been really tired as I slept for nearly two hours instead of just the one. When I woke it was close to seven. After getting dinner and putting Tom to bed at 8, my OH said he was for bed because he had an early rise in the morning and, not wanting to sit up on my own, I decided that I would go to bed and TRY to get through at least a few pages of the book I’m currently reading.

To put a long story short, I think I managed to get about half of a page read before I felt my e-reader fall out of my hand and onto the bed beside me, and that was me for the rest of the night. I didn’t stir again until I heard my alarm going off in the morning. So even though I felt absolutely fine and wide awake going to bed, I still managed to fall asleep again and actually stay asleep.

It really annoys me because when I do fall asleep while reading, I have to then go back over that page to remind myself what happened And in some cases, I have even had to go back a few pages. The current book I am on, I think I have been ‘reading’ it for about six months now.

So I’m going to try and challenge myself, One book in one month. Any time I’m sitting just scrolling through Facebook, playing a senseless word game, or searching random imagesthings on Pinterest, I’m going to open up my reading app and try and actually finish a book in a respectable time. Whether or not this will work will be another story.

What I need all you to do, is to give me some suggestions about what to read. Currently reading Trudy Canavan’s ‘thief’s magic’. Have read her original dark magician trilogy and really enjoyed it. So anything along those lines if anyone has any suggestions at all. Have also read a read of Anne Rice’s vampire chronicles. But any suggestions are very much welcome and appreciated.

I’m really hoping that this challenge will get me back into the way of reading and maybe expand my mind a little. I’m also hoping that if Tom, although he can read through one of his pokemon manga’s in one night, sees me reading more and decides to do something similar as he’s starting to fight back when it comes to doing his reading homework from school. Here’s hoping.

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