Me and Writing

Ok, so I’m going to start off this post by stating a very critical fact about myself; me and writing just do not get on… AT ALL! I’m actually surprised thatgiphy I’ve gotten this far with the number of posts I’ve put up but there’s one thing that I’ve always wanted to be able to do, and that is to be able to write. I really wish that I was better at it. Better at putting words together; the way that some people are able to just sit down in front of a computer or laptop and the words just start flowing from them. Like some great novelist writing the next best seller. Or even the way some people can just listen to a piece of music and they know exactly what lyrics to sing along with it. My mind just doesn’t work like that. Even now as I sit here, I’m struggling about how to put things into words.

Struggling to write about the struggle of writing stuff.

I find that when I try to write things down (or type them) they become more and more jumbled and they begin to not make any sense. I know what I want to say; I just can’t put it into words the way that I would like.

Many years ago, at school, I had the same problem. I just couldn’t word my sentences thinkingright and this is why I ended up coming out with only a C grade in my GCSE’s whereas the rest were all B’s. I remember sitting down with my then English teacher and explaining this, and then coming into school the next year and being dropped down two classes to the lowest class. I thought maybe down one class but no, down two classes. I found out not long after I had been moved down that my old English teacher didn’t actually like me and thought it would ‘teach me a lesson’ by putting me down into the lower class away from all my friends. I believe this actually made me worse because it felt that to me that she just didn’t care and just handed me off to another teacher.  

Anyway, I just hope that you can all bear with me and give me a little time to get my own writing style to the way that I feel comfortable. If anyone has any hint or tips for me then please let me know in the comments below. I would very much like to hear people opinions.


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