Day Three Away And Homeward Bound

Day three started pretty much the same as the last, waking up rather early. This time, however, when I woke my OH was already up, sitting outside at the table we had assembled by the caravan. He told me that although the midges were notable bad and that ants had started coming into his tent, he actually had an alright sleep. A lot better than I had it would seem, as I fought constantly for space with Tom. He seems to have a habit of squirming into whoever he’s sharing a bed with and making them move closer to the edge that they are on. Meaning that when he crawls even further they have no space AT ALL! The fact that he likes to sleep spread out like a starfish doesn’t help either. Anyway…

After chatting for what seemed ages and with everyone still in the land of nod, we thought we would head off for a walk around the islands while the tide was still out. With his camera in hand, we headed out. Because the kids weren’t with us, we didn’t have the nets and buckets. This meant we were able to walk over bits that would have been tough to walk over if we were carrying things. We, sadly though, didn’t really see anything different that we would usually see but it was nice to be out together, just the two of us.


After being out for about an hour, my OH, having heard a noise, glanced up at the hill where the caravan stood and noticed movement; so we thought it best to head back to dish out breakfast to the everyone that needed it. It turned out that Amy had gotten herself and Tom their breakfast so we were able to sit a relax for a while.

Once breakfast was through, as with the past two days, we gathered up our buckets and nets and headed for the water. This time, because it was still quite early, compared to the other days, we were able to go a little further out as the tide hadn’t started to come in yet. We were hoping to see if we could get something different than we had gotten in the last two days.

wee cuttlefish

The only notable thing that I can say I caught, unlike Amy and Tom who caught sh*t loads of things, was a small Cuttlefish. It was like a small squid and so cute I could have cried… looked so much like the wee squid from the movie Finding Nemo.

This, to me, was the highlight of my holiday…

When we noticed the tide coming in pretty quickly, we decided that we should probably head back to the caravan and get ready to head home. Although none of us actually wanted to go home, had to because of work, school, and exams. If it hadn’t been for this, I think all of us would have been happy to stay a little longer… but alas that was not possible.

Since I was off work for the rest of the week, my OH decided that he would stay down for a couple more days and then come home on the coach. There was also talk that we would head back down again the following weekend, although we weren’t sure what the weather was going to be like. Dom was all for this because it meant that we could bring up his bicycle that he took down on a previous weekend trip down.


After preparing everything, getting our bags packed, and the car loaded, we were ready to go home… well as much as we could be. Making a quick pit-stop into Aldi for snacks and a drink, we were on our way home.

As we left our weekend destination, everyone in the vehicle began playing Eye-spy… this lasted for about 60km until we got to our first stop off point. Then once our legs were sufficiently stretched, and our thirst quenched, we jumped back into the car and headed off again. This time the game of choice was ‘Who Am I?’. A game that seems to cause a lot of arguments because some are always picking characters or people that some have never heard of. This time however it all seemed to go quite smoothly.

The journey itself was the same; it didn’t go as bad as what it has done in previous times. The drive is the one reason I don’t go down as often as I would like to. I just don’t like driving for long periods of time. That’s why we have to make at least one pit-stop on the way. When we got home Dom even mentioned that because of the games we were playing and the fact that Amy and Tom didn’t keep quiet the whole way, it was the fastest trip he had made between the two destinations in a long time. He said it felt like he had only been in the car ‘about an hour’, whereas he had actually been in the car for more than two.

Arriving home I was set with the task of unloading the car, but as it was late and the drive up had tired me out, I felt that it was something that could wait until the next day. Once fed and watered both me and Tom headed to bed. The feeling of crawling into my own bed after being away for a few days was bliss. It also helped that I had the bed all to myself, well until Tom came crawling in at around 4 in the morning.

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