Dinner tonight

This is going to be a bit of a random post but I just thought I would write something about what I had for dinner tonight and how I actually came to be having what I had. It wasn’t just a matter of looking to see what we had that we could throw in the oven…. no; this all started a few weeks back when my OH fell asleep for a few hours during the day and was up half the night.

When he does this he usually ends up doing or watching something that is completely out of ordinary and not like him at all. Well, this time he decided to watch a ‘documentary’ on Netflix called ‘What The Health’.

If any of you’s have watched this you’ll know what it’s about… but if not then I’ll tell you. It’s about a man, a self-proclaimed hypochondriac, who “researched” and finds connections to the consumption of meat and dairy products to chronic diseases such as diabetes and cancer. The film goes on to show two people who were diagnosed with a number of ailments, but when they changed to a vegan lifestyle their ailments seemed to disappear within a number of weeks. This was all my OH had to see to make a change in his lifestyle.

(I must note that he had been vegetarian for 10+ years after working in a local abattoir for less than a day.)

After watching this he decided that he would take any animal-based product out of his diet and god love him he’s actually been able to stick to it.  This is how I came to be eating half of a ‘Goodfellas, Vegan Pizza’ this evening. Not liking Falafel or Spinach AT ALL, I didn’t think that I would enjoy but it is one of the best oven pizzas I have tasted in a long time. It has a spice to it that you would expect from a pizza made by hand at a local distributor but it’s not. And I would highly recommend it to anyone, even if they’re not vegan or vegetarian but just looking for a change.

Anywho…… this is what I had for dinner tonight. Something that I wouldn’t even have considered if I was just cooking for myself. It and the vegan garlic slices from Tescos were absolutely gorgeous and I would highly recommend them to anyone and everyone.



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