Day Two Away

Having woke up a lot earlier than everyone else I had to try and keep the noise down. This meant getting dressed in the old stone shed that was built at the top of the piece of land we were on. Because of the time of year though it wasn’t actually too bad as the sun had already come up and it was beginning to heat up. I did, however, forget to take my shoes which meant getting my feet wet on the damp grass as I walked up to the shed.

Because I had woken so early and I had to keep the noise down it meant that breakfast would have to be eaten outside. This consisted of the usual caravan breakfast, cereal. A large bowl of Aldi’s version of Bran Flakes covered in milk. Once I was done with breakfast, and while waiting for others to emerge from there bed, I thought I would take a small dander down to the water’s edge. Being so early though it meant that the tide had yet to come in and I could walk a little further out through the many small islands that make up the landscape.


Morning View


It’s hard to believe that not 4 hours ago the image above looked completely different having been covered in water and in about another 4 hours it would be that way again.

It wasn’t long before I had to return to the caravan as I could hear chatter coming from the general direction of it. This meant that some of the others were up and would probably be requiring food of some sort. The next few hours were spent just lounging around the caravan taking in the sun and just basically relaxing until it was time to head back down the water with our nets and buckets. The afternoons picking were pretty much the same as the day before with one difference, a guppy type fish which one of us managed to catch.



Once done with the rock pooling, we decided that a drive into the local town of Dungloe and the nearest Lidl and Aldi was needed to get things for the bbq that we had planned to have that evening for dinner. My OH had been going on about these beetroot burgers that he got from one of the supermarkets the last time that he was down with a friend.

Beetroot Burger

Before that, however, and while my OH had a wee doze to ‘recharge his batteries’, Dominic had promised to take Tom fishing over on another beach. Because it was getting late in the afternoon it was beginning to cool down a little, the midges were starting to appear. They seemed to come out in force any time that I am around. I don’t know if it’s because they don’t like me or they do. I suppose I could take it either way. Anyway… After what felt like ages of standing around watching the boys whip their rods back and forth in and out of the water and them not being able to catch a single thing, we decided that we were all hungry enough to head back and try and start up the little, yellow bucket bbq.

While waiting for the charcoals to grey Tom, Amy and I, participated in an activity that always happens at some point when we’re at the caravan. We played cards. Old Maid and Gin Rummy to be precise.  I did try and get Tom to have a go at 52-card pick up but he wasn’t buying it as a proper game. I think that if he did fall for it, it probably would have sent him over the edge, as he does get quite ‘hangry’ when he hasn’t eaten for a while. Because of this, we decided that we would just be better off just giving him a bowl of cereal so that his mood would change. The burgers weren’t long being cooked once the bbq was ready. Also, I will admit, the beetroot burgers that my OH had bought were actually quite nice, and I would definitely try them again.


The rest of the evening was spent pretty much the way the morning was, lounging about and listening to the radio through an MP3 player and Bluetooth speakers. But with the midges getting worse and worse, everyone retreated back into the caravan until it was time for bed.

(To be continued….)

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