Day One Away

***So this posts has been sitting in my draft for AGES!!!***

I probably should have written a post before now but I’ve been struggling with trying to find something to write about. My mind just doesn’t work in the same way that others do; I can’t just think of something and *boom* there’s a post. I seem to think of an idea for a post and then type something, delete it, rewrite it, delete it again and then maybe finally I’ll think of something that is worthy of writing or something that I think people will actually want to read. Even now as I type this I’m contemplating deleting it because I think that it’s nothing special and it’s just a filler post to try and lure people in. But like my partner is always telling me ‘always a pessimist’, so maybe I’ll keep it; who knows.

Something that is worth writing about is the fact that I’m just back from a weekend away in Donegal with the family. With the sun splitting the sky we thought it was time to get away and the make the most of it cause god knows when we’ll get weather like this again, especially in our neck of the woods. The only downside of the trip away is the 2-hour drive to get to the place. but when you get there it’s like heaven on earth. There’s nothing but silence.


I’m not really one for taking photographs cause I feel that they just don’t do it any justice. Having arrived, settled in and changed into our shorts (all except our son) it was time to get the newly purchased water shoes on and head to the water with a few nets and buckets to see what we could catch. After a few attempts at entering the freezing cold water, we were finally able to wade into a depth where we were sure to get what we were after. And within a few hours, the buckets were filled to the brim with hermit crabs, shrimp, eels, slugs and few other creatures which I can’t actually remember. The kids had a blast and only after we had finally had our fill of the water and had gotten our clothes adequately wet did everyone go back up the hill to the little caravan where we would be calling home for the next 2 days.

That evening went by in a blur of trying to figure out what everyone was going to eat and where everyone was going to sleep. The 2 kids and I would be in the caravan itself with me and Tom in the fold down bed and Amy in the single bed. Peter (my partner) would stay in the one-man tent and Dominic (Peter’s brother) decided he would pitch his tent in the wooden shed away from everyone. The reason for this being that he’s a night owl and would probably be up half the night whereas the rest of us would be fast asleep.

Having had a few too many drinks and really not enough sleep I flaked out earlier than everyone else. Which meant I was the first one awake the next morning. …

(to be continued..)

P.s I really do wish I took more photographs!!! 😦

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