Little Old Me

Ok, so this post is just going to be a short one to let you know who I am, what I do and why I’ve decided to start up this blog. There will also eventually be an ‘About Me’ page available, which will more than likely be a little bit more detailed than this single post.

So anyway, here goes…

My name is Jenn, and at the time of writing this, I’m a 30-year-old mother of 1. I live on the north coast of Northern Ireland. One of the most iconic spots in the world. I was born and bred in a wee town called Bushmills. (Yes, the place they make the whiskey! ) I however now live in a town called Coleraine, with my son and my partner of 8 years. I have worked in a well-known discount store for the past 4 years. Not the job I had imagined myself doing but hey; That’s where I am and I’ve come to live with it and make the most of it.

The reason for doing this blog is pretty much to get me on the way to being a better version of myself. I’ve put on quite a bit of weight in the past 3 years mainly due to motivation on my part and just plainly eating way too much. I’m hoping that with this blog that it will get me in the right frame of mind to actually do something about it and help me get rid of the excess fat that seems to have gathered around my midriff.

While doing this I also hope to try and get myself out from under the dark cloud that seems to be following me around lately. I’m hoping that my mood improves, my sleep improves and my general lifestyle improves.

Well, I think that’s enough for now. May post later depending on how the rest of my day goes and if I get the chance to.

J xx


This is just a wee image of the surrounding area of my hometown…. gorgeous!

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